Our Workshops Make Learning Fun

Music Can Be Fun

Many potential students don’t realize how much fun studying music can be. The musical elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm don’t have to be learned in a dull, dry manner.

These musical skills can be learned in group settings and in ways you may not have considered.

Our new workshops have been designed to teach the basics of music in a relaxed and playful environment.


Learn To DJ

Our DJ class will give students the opportunity to work with a state of the art DJ rig as they work with rhythm and musical styles.

Remixing and music production will also be covered in our class.

Even if you have no experience in playing an instrument, our DJ workshop can get you started creating music in this popular format.



One of the biggest misconceptions about popular songwriters is that they must have amazing technical musical skills.

The fact is, many top songwriters are not necessarily great players. They have simply mastered the art of storytelling in song.

We will cover the essential elements of songwriting and get everyone’s creativity flowing.

Students will get to write an original song together in a group. They will then get to record the song in our recording studio.


Access To The Right Tools

This is why at the John Henny Music Academy, we make sure to give students access to professional music equipment.

In addition to our comfortable, sound-proof lesson rooms we have a recording studio, green screen video, full stage room and a pro DJ rig. So students can learn how music really works and have fun doing it.

Come join us.