What Makes A Music School the “Best?”

No music studio I have ever seen will tell you they are second best. Every studio claims to be the best – but by what criteria?

You will see studios tout their popularity awards, but did you know some of these awards can be bought?

I keep being awarded the “best music lessons” award for a location I have not been in for years, I just need to write a check to receive my plaque (which I, of course, do not do). Unfortunately, I see many other studios purchase these awards and proudly display them to the unsuspecting public.

Even “Reader’s Choice” awards are often the result of a studio owner nagging friends, family and clients to vote for them over and over. We choose not to harass our clients in this way.

Even without bugging our clients, we managed to win Favorite Music Instruction in a recent reader’s poll.  Though this may be good for advertising, and we truly appreciate everyone’s votes, this is not how we measure our success.


How To Truly Know

The one criteria I value above over all others is our student’s successes.

You will notice I don’t want to know about the teacher’s career successes as much as the student’s. The reason for this is the student should be the primary focus of any music studio and their success should be paramount.

At the John Henny Music Academy, we are extremely proud of our client’s success rate.

We have had students star on Broadway, American Idol, the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and many other shows.

Our students have signed with top recording labels and management. Clients I work with have even won Grammys!

Our students have also been admitted to the top music programs, including LACHSA, USC, NYU, Vanderbilt, and the Paul McCartney Institute in Liverpool.

In fact, you will not find another music studio in the San Gabriel Valley with this level of industry and academic success.

We bring the same level of commitment to each of our students, regardless of their goals.

Whether you, or a family member, want to learn music for fun, or for a career, we have the success rate and know-how to help.

We are completely focused on and proud of all of our students. We believe our students are the best, and that makes us, dare I say, the best.

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