Ukulele Lessons Now Available

Let's Learn the Ukulele

John explains why the Ukulele is a great starter instrument

The Ukulele is quickly becoming one of the most popular instruments for beginners. Chart-topping artists such as 21 Pilots are introducing the instrument to new audiences, creating a new wave of enthusiastic players.

The are several reasons for the ukulele's new popularity. It is relatively inexpensive (a good quality instrument is under $200), it's very portable, and actually pretty easy to learn when compared to other instruments.

It's also a great choice for singers who want to learn to accompany themselves.

We are now pleased to offer ukulele lessons at the John Henny Music Academy.

There is nothing that compares to the joy of being able to learn and play your favorite songs, and the ukulele is the perfect instrument to get started on.

We can start you on the correct path, with proper technique, a bit of music theory, and a WHOLE lot of fun!

Schedule your free consultation today and let our talented coaches show you why we are the SGV's FAVORITE Music Lessons.