Trying Different Instruments

We get phone calls frequently about what age students should start learning an instrument and what instrument they should learn. Those are great questions!

Every student is different, but generally we encourage parents to have their child start lessons at 6 years old. We do have some that have started younger, but each student is different. Each student can vary so much in motor skills, attention span, concentration and general interest in music. If you’re unsure if your child is ready to take private lessons, schedule a free consultation and one our coaches will determine if he or she is ready.

Piano is a great foundational instrument to start with. Piano makes learning natural and teaches how to read both the Treble Clef (high notes) and the Bass Clef (low notes). It’s a great start as a student can strike a key and make a sound, so it’s encouraging for young ones to hear what they’re playing. Sound is key to a student’s learning. If they don’t like the sound the instrument makes, they won’t want to continue to practice and learn.

Another factor in choosing an instrument is the size of the instrument vs. the size of the child. A cello is a lot larger than a guitar and more bulky to carry. Or a child’s hands might be small and not have the stretch needed for specific instruments, which can be discouraging as well.

Regardless of the instrument your child chooses one day, he or she may get bored and want to try something new. At the John Henny Music Academy, we encourage students to try multiple instruments before deciding to stay with one. Our coaches can help you decide too. It’s a great joy once you find “your” instrument and we’d love to help.

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