The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Sing

Singing is a skill that many people desire but relatively few learn to do well.  There are a number of reasons why I believe everyone should learn to sing.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Goodbye Stress

Recent scientific studies show that singing, and group singing in particular, lowers stress, relieves anxiety and boosts endorphins.  A study was recently launched to study singing as a low cost way to improve health and well being in older adults.

At The John Henny Music Academy in Glendora, we make group singing a priority.  Our classes range from Broadway to pop to recreating the hits from television’s “Glee.”  Combined with our private lessons, singing becomes an integral part of the student’s life, now and well into the future.

Build Confidence

There is a reason The Voice and American Idol are huge hits – people love listening to singers.

The thrill of standing on stage and entertaining people with your voice is one I wish everyone could experience.  It can build positive self-esteem and healthy confidence quicker then almost any other activity.

Banish Fear

Studies have shown that one of the greatest fears people have is public speaking.  This is a shame when you consider how much career success and satisfaction is built on this skill.  From presentations in college to holding meetings in the business world, this skill trumps so many others.

At The John Henny Music Academy we believe in eliminating this fear through consistent performances.  We have a professional stage room with lights and microphones so students get used to singing and communicating to groups of people.

This performance environment removes fears and gives students the life-long skill of confidently holding the attention of others.

Singing and performance is truly a gift that will positively impact your life, no matter what your age.  Sign up for your free consultation today.