Songwriting Your Way to a Singing Career

The Secret To Singing Stardom

If you asked a group of kids what their dream career would be, a singing star would likely be at the top of the list.

It is a highly competitive industry and many don’t achieve the dream. But there is one skill that can help get you a record deal quicker than any other.

Start Writing

Singers who can write their own songs tend to be more valued than those who don’t. Taylor Swift’s connection to her fans is in large part because she writes all of her own songs. There is even a current soft drink commercial showing her writing a song and then her fans singing along on the radio.

This provides a deeper connection to your fan base and they recognize you as more of an “artist.”

Would The Beatles hold the same place in music history is they simply sang other people’s songs? As great as their musicianship and vocals were, it is the fact that they composed these masterpieces that is the crowning jewel of their achievements.

Get Signed

There are a number of really good voices out there, but very few that can also write great songs. Of the many singers I have worked with, it is those who write songs that get record deals.

Record labels know there is more career longevity with someone who can write their own material. They are easier to market and potentially provide more profit for the label.

Start Learning

Many hit songs are musically simple. The chords that make up these songs can be learned in a few short weeks.

The hard part is learning to put together lyrics, chords, melody and production that catches the listener instantly.

At The John Henny Music Academy in Glendora we feature a recording studio and songwriting classes that are open to our members. Here, students can learn in a professional yet fun environment.

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