Solo Singing Versus Choir Singing

Singing in a choir can be great for a singer’s musicianship. Sight reading, vocal blending, harmonies, all of these skills are part of choir singing.

However, singing in a choir does not always prepare one for stepping up to the front of the stage and singing a solo.

Why? Because often the very skills that make you a good choir singer are the opposite of what you need to be a compelling soloist.

Stand Out
While much of the thrill of listening to a great choir comes from the seamless blend of voices, solo singers need to stand out from the crowd.

Since you don’t have the help of other voices singing your part, your own voice needs to be as strong and dynamic as possible.

The problem is, if not properly trained, singers often push their voices too hard, causing vocal strain.

At the John Henny Music Academy in Glendora we specialize in helping singers find not only more range and strength, but their unique “stand out” voice.

Finding Your Style
Choir singing often uses straight tones (no vibrato) and little variation from the written sheet music. Otherwise it would be a mess.

When singing solo you have more freedom.

Vibrato becomes an important vocal effect and the singer can often embellish the written notes. Phrasing (the timing of the notes) becomes more fluid as well. It is important for the singer to explore these stylistic choices in order to deliver a more dynamic performance.

Grab the Spotlight
Again, it’s time to stand out. The solo singer not only has to grab attention with their voice, but their stage presence as well.

This is one of the reasons we have a stage room, complete with lighting effects at the John Henny Music Academy.

This enables the student to get comfortable with the spotlight focused on them. They learn to “own the stage,” creating a performance that matches their vocals. Practicing on stage also helps eliminate stage fright.

Standing center stage and delivering a dynamic solo to a cheering crowd is one of the more exciting things you can ever do. Schedule a free consultation to start your own solo journey.