Why Singers Should Learn An Instrument, Part 2

In my first post on this subject, I discussed the musical benefits of playing an instrument. Here are some further benefits:

You Alone 

If you can play an instrument, you will have an accompanist that will always be there for you – and that person is you.

By playing guitar or piano, you will always have musical accompaniment and can take gigs that otherwise you might have to turn down due to the costs and difficulty of finding good musicians who are dependable.



Being able to play means you will have a deeper understand of chords and melody. This opens up the amazing world of songwriting.

There is a deep sense of satisfaction in being able to sing something you wrote – and playing allows you to not only write, but to do it better than if you didn’t play.


Skill Level

In popular music, the technical skill level you need to achieve before accompanying yourself or writing original songs is surprisingly lower than most people think.

In fact, with proper practice and instruction, you could find yourself playing and writing within less than a year. Plus your singing will improve as well as your musicianship skills get stronger.

At the John Henny Music Academy, we specialize in turning singers into players and songwriters. Come and see how much richer your musical experience can be.