Why Performing Is Important

You Should Be Performing!

So many of us take music lessons, only to have the desire and fun of learning begin to fall away after a period of time.

How can we avoid this drop in enthusiasm? One of the keys is to perform on a regular basis.

Researchers have found being tested on a subject helps increase retention of information. The pressure of the test helps the brain lock in what it has learned.

Performance is a kind of musical test. Being able to sing or play in front of others is a vital step in continuing positive musical growth.



At the John Henny Music Academy, we recognize the importance of performance. Unfortunately, most music students only get to perform once or twice a year at a studio’s recital, and usually only one piece of music.

This is simply not enough time to allow performance to work its magic on the student’s learning process.

This is why we have installed a fully equipped stage room in our facility. With a professional soundboard, wireless mics and stage lighting, every student gets performance experience on a regular basis.

The John Henny Music Academy has just introduced the Sing Zone, a supervised practice session for all students to work on their pieces on stage, in front of other students.

In addition, our popular monthly Open Mic Nights gives students the opportunity to perform in front of a packed house.


Stage Fright

People often ask what is the best way to overcome stage fright. My favorite answer is “the only way around is through.”

In other words, not performing is the worst thing you can do for stage fright, it is the act of consistent performance that will break down the fear of failure and rejection.

We have watched students fears melt away as they spend more time on stage and performing. Performing itself is the answer.

We invite anyone who would like to try the magic of performance to come to our Open Mic Nights. It’s free to all. See you there.