Why Performing Is Important

One of the single most important things you can do for your musical growth is to perform what you have been working on in front of an audience.

However, the very idea often fills the student with dread.

The reason usually is too much pressure is put on the student and the performance itself.

Having only one or two recitals or shows a year, along with being pressured to sell tickets to family and friends, creates an event that looms large with stress and the fear of failure.

Rather than helping to solve stage fright issues, these events just reinforce the fear.


What Performance Does

Studies have shown that being tested on material helps cement it in the brain.

Performing in front of others creates greater mental connections which lead to quicker and longer lasting results.

However, if the pressure is too intense, fight or flight panic can take over and any benefit is lost.


Consistency Is Key

At the John Henny Music Academy, we recognize the importance of performance, and have created unique ways to remove the overwhelm students may feel.

Our stage room is designed to give students access to constant, low-key performance opportunities.

We created the Sing Zone to allow all of our students, voice and instruments, a way to be on stage in front of their peers weekly.

We make this free to our members so students can take full advantage of the opportunity.

We also have monthly Open Mic Nights (also free to JHMA members), which allow our students to showcase what they have been working on in front of a larger, yet still low-key audience.

The idea is to work out the material in our Sing Zone and build up to the Open Mic Nights.

When students are exposed to consistent, friendly performance opportunities they not only receive the musical growth benefits, but their confidence grows as well.