Music Makes a Great Gift

Why Give Music Lessons?

Very few of us look forward to Holiday shopping, and choosing the right gift can be tricky.

I’ve wandered through stores, and the countless pages at Amazon, trying to find the right gift. Yet the fact remains our gifts are likely to be soon forgotten or discarded.



This is why experiential gifts are becoming incredibly popular. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on video games and such, people are finding experiences have a greater meaning to the recipient.

Music lessons are one of the great experiences you can have, and give ongoing enjoyment and benefits.


Makes You Smarter

It’s true. Scientists have used brain imaging to show the difference between those who have studied music and those who have not.

The music group showed not only higher IQ, but also greater Executive Function.

Executive Function is a high-level process that helps with decision making and problem-solving.

Those who studied music are not only smarter, but they make better life decisions, which is the more critical component of success.

Music can indeed help set a child on course for a more successful, happier life.


Builds Confidence

Gaining skill on an instrument, combined with performance is a powerful self-confidence booster.

This is why we have two low-pressure recitals each year, as well as a full stage room where we encourage students to perform songs they are working on.

This allows them to get used to being on stage with zero pressure. We think of it as performance training wheels.

We also have the Musical Ladder System, which celebrates student milestones with certificates, wristbands, and trophies.


They Last Beyond Christmas

Not only do music lessons give amazing brain benefits, but the experience is ongoing, lasting far beyond the completed video game or latest electronic gadget.

Music lessons are simply one of the best gift/experiences you can give a loved one.


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