Beware of Casting Notices

We have had a number of students compete on television shows, and have gotten to know some of the people behind the scenes and how these shows really work.

Very often local music studios, or teachers, will send out emails about auditions for The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

Usually the teacher will pitch this audition as if it is something exclusive to them, but it rarely ever is.

The truth is these shows send out blanket emails to every music school and private teacher in the geographic area they will be auditioning in. This is to ensure they get more than enough people to show up.

You show up thinking there might be some special audition, but you are stuck waiting in a huge line with everyone else.

Even if the teacher claims to have front of the line passes for certain students, the fact is there are many other teacher’s students with the same passes. It makes for a really long “front of the line.”

Also, these cattle-call auditions are the first of many before you get to see the real decision makers, so even if you make it through you still have a number of auditions ahead of you.

Our Advantage

One of the benefits of our industry connections at the John Henny Music Academy is we are able to deal directly with the casting directors of many of these shows.

This allows us to send a video of a student’s audition directly to the decision makers.

What does this mean?

It means you skip all the lines and the waiting – you will know if they want you for the show quickly.

If they like you, you will be seen by the judges, in front of the cameras, with only one or two auditions. And these auditions are privately scheduled in front of the producers, with no lines or waiting.

Since we are very selective about whom we send, the shows trust us and watch every video we forward to them. This increases your chances of getting on the show exponentially.

The bottom line is: If you get one of these audition notices from a local music teacher or studio, look into it a bit further. Chances are there is nothing special about it at all.