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Voice, Instruments and Performance for All ages!

The John Henny Music Academy, located in Glendora, offers a large variety of Music Lessons, including Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Flute, Trumpet and Drums in a unique and fun environment, specializing in Artist Development, Performing Arts High School and College Admissions.

Are We the Right Music Academy for You?

Find Out What Makes the John Henny Music Academy Difference

  • No Registration Fees, Ever

Many schools charge $40, $50, even more just to register you, and charge you again every year. We don’t think that’s fair, so we will never charge you a registration fee.

  • All Books and Materials Included at No Extra Charge

We are the only academy that provides all books needed at NO COST to you. No more unexpected expenses.

  • Constant Communication With Parents

We know you want to stay connected with your child’s musical growth. Our coaches always take a few minutes between lessons to talk with parents and keep them up to date.

  • Convenient Scheduling

Our extended hours and 6 teaching rooms means we are able to accommodate your busy schedule, and can often teach siblings at the same time.

  • Professional Front Desk Staff

Our front desk is fully staffed during lesson hours and is available to help with any questions or needs.

  • Located in the Beautiful, Historic Glendora Village

The Glendora Village offers free parking, dining, salons, and shopping. We love our location and you will too!

  • Private Makeup Lessons

Most schools only give group makeup lessons, even if you give advanced notice of missing a lesson. If you give us 24 hours notice, we will reschedule a PRIVATE one-on-one lesson. You paid for a private lesson, and we will give you your private lesson.

  • State of the Art Equipment

We have wireless mics, lighting, a recording and video studio, as well as DJ equipment. No other school can match our facility. We have pianos, full electronic drum kit and guitar amps for our students.

  • Clean, Fun, Bright Environment

It’s never fun to learn in a dingy, not well maintained space. Our facility is cleaned daily and features bright, fun colors.

  • Student Homework Space

Our waiting area features chairs, tables, and a chalkboard where students can study and do homework while waiting to be picked up.

  • No Long Term Contracts

Our lessons are month-to-month, so you are not tied into long semester commitments. We want you to be here, not feel legally bound to be here.

  • Six Sound-Proof Private Teaching Studios

Our studios are built with special sound-reducing drywall that keeps out the noise of other lessons. Other music schools can be noisy and non-private.

  • Professional Grade Stage Room, Recording Studio and Green Screen Room

No other school in the San Gabriel Valley has all of these features. The Stage Room and Recording Studio are available to our students during their lessons at no extra cost.

  • Private Lessons Specializing in Education and Artistry Development

We have over 25 years in the entertainment industry and have worked with international superstars. We can help train you for a career in music.

  • An Extensive Music Reference Library

We have an extensive library of sheet music, tablature, reference books and CDs covering styles from classical and opera to contemporary and musical theatre.

  • Free Annual Student Showcase

Our low stress showcase is free for all performers, and each performer gets 4 free tickets for friends and family.

  • All Coaches have College Degrees and/or Perform Regularly

A school is only as good as their teachers, and ours are the best! They perform regularly and we like it that way!

  • Certificate of Custodianship From the Department Of Justice

We are on record with the Department of Justice and are able to background check every employee who works with us. Your child’s safety is our number one priority.

  • Staff and Coaches are Employees of the John Henny Music Academy

Most schools have teachers who are independent contractors. This means they cannot legally control how the teachers do their job. All of our teachers are employees and fully background-checked.

  • Real World Success

Our students have appeared on television, Broadway and been signed to major record labels. No other studio in the San Gabriel Valley has our record of industry success.

Experience The John Henny Music Academy Difference

  • Premiere Coaching Staff

    All of our coaches have been personally chosen by John Henny and are working professionals, or hold advanced degrees, often both.

  • Fun Studio Enviroment

    Our state-of-the-art facility is professional and FUN, featuring six sound proof private teaching studios,  a fully equipped stage room that seats 40 people, a demo recording studio and full-wall video green screen.

  • Exclusive Audition & Performance Opportunities

    We have industry contacts who can connect our students to credible auditions.  We also provide on-going opportunities for our students to perform in our Student Appreciation Nights and events in our community. Be sure to subscribe to our email list & check the News & Events page to get all of our updates.

We Come Highly Recommended....

The John Henny Music Academy offers music, voice, vocal, singing, guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, drums, ukulele, trumpet, trombone, tuba and songwriting lessons in Glendora, CA.

We also serve the following cities: Pasadena, Pomona, El Monte, Azusa, San Dimas, Monrovia, Upland, Arcadia,  Claremont, Sierra Madre, CA.